Who We Are

Blockchain Presence (BCP) was founded in February 2019 at the University of Zurich.  

The project pursues the goal of creating a blockchain oracle for the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

The idea is to offer a platform solution that connects two types of users:
  • Senders that sell their information on the blockchain, and
  • Receivers that deploy their own smart contracts and need access to reliable information their contracts can work with.

Our Vision

We wish to serve our users by being the most trusted and most cost-efficient channel of communication between authentic providers of information and innovative smart contract applications.

Our Values

Those are the values BCP stands for:

We are an innovative startup, pursuing the goal to change the way in which people communicate on the blockchain.
The key to every successful transaction is trust. Using our platform, Senders can transmit their data securely, while Receivers can be sure that the information for their smart contracts is authentic.
No matter whether you are a Sender or a Receiver, you can always rely on our services to be fulfilled in time and to be convenient to use.

Our History